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daF-Round 1: Icy Vs Noah by manisaurus daF-Round 1: Icy Vs Noah by manisaurus

POINTS FOR ASHBRIARRRR :icongreensparklesplz:

:icontearplz: i don't even know what i'm drawing anymore , wtf is with that wind blades orz

Icy aka Bing Xing VS <a href="[link]>"Noah Amabelle

Character Name: Noah Amabelle "Ashbriar
Opponent's Name: Bing Xing "Arcania"

Battle Flow/Battle Story:
copasted from *Mistiousstar's part hohoho</sub>

:iconnoahaplz::iconsaysplz: ...I guess i shouldn't restraint myself

"O the Great Spirit of Wind please lend thy thou's powers"

"Wind Blade!"

icy's point of view

Icy starts the fight by using "Magic Release Diamond Shard!!!" Then attacked with "Icicle Assualt" Not intended to damage Noah just to pin her down. But Noah countered attack with "Wind blade" which blew the ice attack and canceled it while the blades aimed for Icy. Unable to avoid, the attack she stood there looking as the blades approach her in an alarming rate. When the blades reached 1 feet before touching her the Diamond shard activated and created a cyclon around Icy. Since the shard hasn't grown big enough the cyclon effect wasn't able to cancel out the Wind blades and was damaged by 1/3 of the blades. Icy ended up flying in mid air from the the attack. In mid air Icy wispered "Gem Feather hear my plea!" in a fraction of a second her transparent crystal wings sprout from her back, giving her the ability of flight. "Magic release Emerald Shard!" Icy raised her arm up high and called, "Mighty Sky, I call for aid, Summon a storm of light..." Storm clouds appeared above the arena. During the time Icy summond the crystal and called for the storm Noah Attacked, "O' The Mighty Spirit of Earth. please lent thy thou's powers!" *the stone floor cracked, and big thorny roots are coming out of it*"WHIP!" *the big roots are aiming for icy* Even though the arena is closed dome the attack struck through the top of the dome . "Thunder Strike!!!" The thunder struck through the dome and went straight for Noah Leave a huge hole on the top of the dome.

Noah suddenly realizes there's a bolt coming, but since it's very fast. she could only dodge 1/4 of the electricity, it burns her feathers and legs a bit. and she's kinda paralyzed. As Icy used her wings to try to avoid the Whip that was sent after her. But Since Icy's agility is the lowest of her Stats she failed at dodging. But when the Whip grew close the Emerald Shard Activated and created a Trunk baracade around Icy completely blocking the attack. But when Icy noticed that Noah was injured pretty badly, she went soft. *Still in the air, she placed her hands in a praying manner and closed her eyes* AQUATIC REMEDY!!! *The storm cloud remained in the sky, but it began to shower rain* *The spell affected both contestants, All status effects and boost is removed* *So Icy's Crystal Wings vanished* *She lands on her feet gently after the lose of the wings, she wore a worried face*

But Noah reminded Icy, " shouldn't be worrying your opponent now " Then she steped back and called, ""O'The Graceful Spirit of Water, Lend Thy Thou's Power!"" Splash! " The surrounding water from the remedy aided Noah's attack as water serpants went after Icy trying to capture her. Icy snapped out of it when Noah reminded her, to Icy Noah is still a great friend that looks out for her. Icy now, kissed her ring and decided to take this to the next level She changed her eyes from Deep blue to Lavander Blue and her hair slowly changed from Light blue to Aquatic blue. For those who don't know Icy's eye and hair color determine the level of spell she uses. *With one arm in the air, she called out* "Aqua Rhapsody!!!" *With her index finger she glided out the outter line of a lyre, which materized from the waters that's surrounding the battle field* *She didn't get a chance to play the lyre when the Serpants catured her in place* So as an alternative aid, she called out "Magic release Emerald Shard!!!" Once again. Now Icy struggled in the serpants grasp, trying to reach the Lyre that's afloating mid air, that's really close to Icy's hand*

Noah went in for an attack, since Icy is unable to move "O' the Spirit of Wind Heed My call! Lend Me Thou Powers!""Wind Arrows!" Unable to move to reach the lyre, she dicided to use one of her channel attacks, such as the Icicle Assualt she used in the beginning of battle. *Her main magic circle appeared under her* "By the Power of A Sage I release thee from thy chains ..." From the magic circle underneathe her it glowed in a strong beam of light, As the green emerald she summoned early transfigurated into an emerald Tiger* "Lightening Tiger Howl!!!" *the beast sent Lightening sonic booms across the battle field, blowing the wind arrows to random directions And aiming at Noah* *Icy quickly grabbed the Lyre* Aqua Rhapsody!!! *She played a gentle and calming tune*...*repeating a specific chorus as the Lyre glowed bright with each repeat* Amazingly Noah dodge the Tiger' s Howl and counterd with "o' the great Spirit of Lightning! become my ally!" "Electric Spider!" *8 rays of electricity are heading towards Icy* The lyre Icy was playing early is now glowing and restoreing Icy's HP every 3 sconds, and it last for 12 seconds. The time to cast Aqua Rhapsody took some time so Icy was hit by the Spiders attack and left her left arm and right leg burnt. Along with paralyzing her for 8 seconds.

(RP still going on XDDD)

well noah feels kinda bad for having to fight with icy since she's her first friend since running away from home noah you loner

but she kinda don't trust people easily, so she didn't hesitate much to attack icy

and about noah's power, she can borrow the power of spirits surrounding her by using the elemental things thhat are currently surrounding her . but she can't use anything that is not here currently. like fire, darkness etc


Noah Amabelle(c) MEEEE
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MistiousStar Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
This looks so awesome I don't stand a chance :icontearplz:
manisaurus Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
lol what r u saying :icontearplz: it's not that great ldkj
MistiousStar Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
It's so awesome >.< I'm so gonna lose. Mines just have uber bad perspectives and the magic circle on the ground ahaha looks bad.
manisaurus Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
nahhh yours is not that bad ;n; my proportion sucks. and your effects are pretty k mine sucks
MistiousStar Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Hehehe lolz you copied the whole passage XDDDD
manisaurus Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
lol hehe
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